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All you Need to know about the Beard Transplant

It is a source of pride for most men to have a nice beard. To many, it is an indication of manliness. A recent report confirms that there has been a rise in beard transplant in the UK. The Clinic of Harley Street is a private hospital which has had a positive reputation in conducting many successful operations.

In the Clinic of Harley Street, beard transplant can be carried out on the audacity areas, the sideburns or the mustache. This procedure may be useful in concealing scars which allow excessive growth of the beard over there. These are done to boost the breadth of the hair in a precise location.

The patient can be allowed to go home after the surgery. It is advisable to prefer Paracetamol as there are neither antibiotics nor anti-inflammatory medication. One week following the hair transplant, normal life begins. During this week the transplanted hair falls off, and after that, the hair that grows becomes natural. After the one week, one can do the shaving and combing.

Beard transplant may have adverse effects on one as it depends from one person to another. Please take precautions before making the final decision concerning the operation.

What are the Various Hair Replacement Procedures?

In the US alone, approximately 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many people across the world experience hair loss mainly in their middle-age years. Such people are in constant search for a hair loss solution that could help restore their self-confidence. What are the various hair replacement procedures available to choose from?

Hair transplantation is a popular hair restoration procedure. There are two types of hair transplantation; Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE). Follicular unit transplantation entails taking a strip of hair from the patient’s donor area usually the back of the head. The follicles are separated and planted on the bald area. Single hair units are used for frontal hairline. The pros of FUT include efficiency, affordability, less invasive and cleaner and less stressed grafts. However, healing in the donor area may take time due to linear scar.

With Follicular unit extraction (FUE) each hair is harvested in its original state with a scalpel. Instead of leaving a linear scar in the donor area, only a dot scar is left. The main difference between FUT and FUE is in the harvesting of the hair grafts. With this method, patients can have tighter hairstyles as dot scars are unnoticeable. Healing of the donor area takes less time. The FUE method may be time consuming and more costly.

Flap surgery may also be employed especially when covering large areas of baldness. A section of bald scalp is cut out. A hair bearing flap is then placed on the bald area and sewn in. Though it yields immediate results, flap surgery is considered to be technically challenging.

Scalp reduction also known as advancement flap surgery can be employed. It entails pulling out of hair bearing scalp from donor areas. This is then placed on the bald area and sewn in. The method requires a great deal of skills and precision.

Upon booking a hair replacement appointment, you can discuss the various replacement methods with your physician and settle for the most suitable.

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