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All you Need to know about the Beard Transplant

It is a source of pride for most men to have a nice beard. To many, it is an indication of manliness. A recent report confirms that there has been a rise in beard transplant in the UK. The Clinic of Harley Street is a private hospital which has had a positive reputation in conducting many successful operations.

In the Clinic of Harley Street, beard transplant can be carried out on the audacity areas, the sideburns or the mustache. This procedure may be useful in concealing scars which allow excessive growth of the beard over there. These are done to boost the breadth of the hair in a precise location.

The patient can be allowed to go home after the surgery. It is advisable to prefer Paracetamol as there are neither antibiotics nor anti-inflammatory medication. One week following the hair transplant, normal life begins. During this week the transplanted hair falls off, and after that, the hair that grows becomes natural. After the one week, one can do the shaving and combing.

Beard transplant may have adverse effects on one as it depends from one person to another. Please take precautions before making the final decision concerning the operation.